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May 19, 2012

So Rad, So Mighty

May 19, 2012
After I hiked the dreaded Y again {with my rudolph socks to endure the pain thank you very much}, Christopher called me helpless, stranded in Orem.  So I picked him up, we decided we needed a best friend date, and headed off to see The Mighty Sequoyah.  En route I spotted Hue & Hum eating dinner!  And IT WAS AWESOME!  And I totally freaked out {sorry Hum}!  Anywho, Shayn joined us by the time Sequoyah went on and all was grand.  Err mighty.

Speaking of music...
Kimbra.  Can do no wrong.
And speaking of Kimbra...
City & Colour.  Can do no wrong.
{Kaylie! Still, I thank you for Kimbra!}


  1. DAH! I wanted to go to that so badly. Curses.
    Glad you had fun though :)

  2. Chris looks good in those photo's! Doesn't Shayn's brother play in that band??

  3. yeah he used to be the drummer, but then quit last year, but he was there to support. and chris's friend alex is the guitar/keyboard/single drum person.

  4. this post made me happy! i'm sure if i saw hue & hum i would have freaked out too! the blogging world makes people famous! ;)
    xo TJ

  5. Such a fun post love! Thanks so much for sharing. I adore your blog, so happy i found it!
    It would mean the world to me if you could check out my latest post!

  6. That Kimbra video is sooooo good. I didn't recognize her without any paint on. Haha, They are so good, the music is spot on!