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October 02, 2014

New York, New York (and Art)

October 02, 2014
Remember how I went to New York at the end of the summer? Theee New York? Well it was a dream.

Coby had an internship in the city for the summer (which was awesome but also kind of lonely) and when the day finally did come for me to meet him out there I was freaking out. I read Paper Towns on the plane and *spoiler alert* a boy goes after a girl and the ending isn't all daisies and roses. Thus, that last hour of my plane ride was questioning every little thing. Am I Q and is Coby Margo Roth Spiegelman?! What if he thinks I'm hideous? Or pathetic? How do I act? What do I say? Do I hug him or shake his hand? Needless to say, I was a mess. When I finally did get the courage to walk down to baggage claim, the the next thing I knew I was totally hug-ambushed by this beautiful man-boy with a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a metro card in the other. And I swear there was clapping around us. WAS HE EVEN REAL? I was melting. Melted.

So giddy not-so-Margo and I were reunited in bliss and off we went! We stayed right across the street from Washington Square Park in the West Village (I know, right?) and around the corner from the Joe's Pizza. A slice or two later we wandered down to Magnolia Bakery and hello is this my life? Boyfriend and pizza and cupcakes and whaaatttt even is life?

Okay, I promise to be semi-coherent now. We walked the streets all week in my now trashed sandals. We squeezed in the subway. Popped up at Grand Central for a bit. I hailed a cab and we rode it through Soho. We hung out with our gracious hosts the Songs. And Coby's grand-canyon-clan/aka friends the Smiths. I fell in love/seemingly became dependent on ice cream. And the flowers on every other corner. There was Times Square and a Korean-table-grilled dinner. And a lobster roll cook out and frequent visits to the 7-11 around the corner. And Broadway! Newsies! The Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty! The 9/11 Memorial and the One World Trade Center! Brooklyn! China town! The High Line! Central Park! I don't know how we did it all, but we did. And we came back to the Village each night completely worked from a full day of city living.

But is it cliche if my favorite days were our museum days? I mean the MET! It's just so overwhelming! I couldn't even focus. Degas! An entire room of Degas! And the MoMA? It was overload. Is Picasso even real?! Or Matisse? I mean, truly. We literally walked every floor (top to bottom, that's the way to do it) and I left feeling like I knew nothing. Every single art history class I've ever taken doesn't even begin to cover it. And that's like, five of them. Boy oh boy.

Coby is a whiz kid though. He was the best navigator through the city, continually giving up his seat on the Subway and randomly helping out lost souls and older couples and oh all in Spanish too? There's no one I'd rather run around with. The entire week I felt like I was in this music video, just walking the streets with my man.

Is this the sappiest I've ever been on the blog? How about the least-academic sounding? Probably. What of it?


  1. I realize that we have never met- but i do know coby and I am 10,000% sure that you two were designed to be together. this post gave me butterflies.
    ps. dont worry i creep stalked you and added you on like every single social media site i could find. I feel as if you, I and Kayla clark need to have a girls night yes?

  2. and by kayla clark I mean kayla stastny- her married name. dont worry im only her best friend and cant remember her name.

    1. haha yes! i am all for a girls night! and i think you are awesome and also decided to stalk you back. friends?

  3. natalie. hi. the above comments made me laugh - madi is amazing & you'll love her! & yes let's get together and be best friends together. also - to clarify - i have never legally changed my last name, so at church i'm sister stastny but everywhere else i'm kayla clark...there was a reason for madi's confusion.

    anyway, nyc is the greatest city in the whole world. i'm glad that you had so much fun, your pictures are adorable. also next time we're both there, let's run into each other for reals. k cool. xo

  4. ohhh nat I love this! you are the best!