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January 25, 2014

Coming To You Live

January 25, 2014
Hellooo blog land.

And how's school you may ask? Well I'm taking a photo class (finally) from the nicest, prettiest teacher who just birthed a baby girl named Gemma. We are constantly exploring the ins and outs of creativity, something that has been a hot topic as of late. And everything is clicking! It's amazing how a good teacher can make all the difference, I always leave class feeling uplifted and inspired. That's the kind of feeling I need in order to be successful. Tough love has never really benefited me, maybe that's why the design program here frustrates me so.

That shot of Coby looking pleasantly annoyed of me shooting whilst saying stop! go! wait come back! shoot where'd my light go! is a simple testament of his trooper-ness. And a good lookin' trooper at that. But you guys, manuallll? Go me! Did you know he bought me a computer? He explicitly asked me to stop talking about it (i.e. tell all ya'll!) so i'm going to blatantly disregard his wishes. I've been without one for a while now, and what's a design major without their means of designing? So one night after class he led me around his house, eyes closed, and stopped me right in front of this here beauty. I proceeded to bawl while his dad watched BBC in the background. Totally magical and uncalled for and now I'm coming to you live from Natalie City!

I've made my workspace extra clean and colorful to gear up for some design projects that are sure to be the death of me. I've also been listening to The Brae and Bug A Boo on loop, so hurrah for my saving grace! Tha' end.


  1. love this & you!❤️

  2. teach me your tricks. your pics are beautiful, as always!

  3. Gorgeous photos!! Thanks for sharing :)

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog