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October 28, 2012

This Is Halloween

October 28, 2012
We had ourselves a little Halloween party.  Yeah!  Highlights include:
+watching Rupper limbo as the "horseless headsman"
+catching Rupper write his name in for the costume contest ten or more times
+Rachel dancing gangham style
+Justin & Bailey mimicking everyone
+making it rain on Shayn "fitties, hunnens, hunnens, hunnens"
+the impromptu dance party where the aforementioned raining was made possible

And now just because I can...
Don't hate you 'cause you ain't me!
Now excuse me while I hate myself for saying that.
Also, I promise to actually put some effort into my costume one of these years.


  1. hahahahhahaha love this sooooooo much and you are THE best photo-bomber I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And cutest punkin' honey eva!

  2. haha "now excuse me while I hate myself for saying that."

    love it!