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December 30, 2011

Perfectly Imperfect

December 30, 2011
this was a perfectly imperfect christmas.  between having hand surgery, a sick baby niece, throwing together christmas itself in four days, and major stress with my pappas work, we were able off what i believe to be the best christmas yet!  it was all so relaxed.  my family slept in on christmas morning, let mckenley open her first present, and then we all opened a few.  then my family left for church, we had a christmas brunch, and finished opening all of the gifts.  i loved that it was an all day affair and that nothing was rushed.  in all honestly, the atmosphere really allowed us to focus on the true meaning of christmas, our saviors birth!  it was blessed and wonderful, and even more wonderful because santa brought me my very own dslr to document it all with!  so without further adieu...
{we watched hours and hours of home videos}
{pulled out the christmas dishes}
{santa brought me lush! yes!}
{this bar of soap is called "northern lights" & it's neon, boo yah grandma}
{i gave my mom a lense for her iphone that she's been wanting}
{we gifted my dad a family day! i was in charge of making this beauty}
{made some prints for the babies nurseries}
{santa brought me clothes too!}
{baby brielle}
{the greatest picture ever captured of my brother in law steve}
{one of 4 puzzles completed, this one of sedona}
{lauren's butt, i don't know why i felt the need to post this... buttt...}
{baby mckenley}
ATTENTION KATE ROBERTS!:  upon returning home for the holiday, my mom {above} & i somehow got on the topic of eating whole foods, and i was all, oh kate's doing that!  it's awesome! yadda yadda yadda!  she watched this documentary...  and my mom was all, forks over knives?!  and we screamed with glee, watched it as a family later the next day, and BAM we're semi-eating vegan/whole foods.  i love it.  my sister cooked this bamf meal tonight and it was glorious.
 oh and this is my arm.  guess what guys?  i have to go to therapy for my finger & will be in this wretched cast for the next 8 weeks.  never ever cut your fingers.  you will be in a narcotic induced nauseated state with no comfortable way to place your twisted arm and stiff fingers.  it's a nightmare.  don't do it.  although i must say i love therapy.  reminds me of all the lovely MVT trainers and the annex #gotoros.

hope everyone had a merry christmas, now on to new years!


  1. your poor arm ): hope it gets better asap. LOVE all your pics! love youu.

  2. Natalie I love and miss you so much! The fish at the bottom of your blog make me really happy. You have some adorable babies. Those cute alphabet frame things are so cute! What is that crazy neon soap? Tell me more, I'm a little bit obsessed. What is so good about those weird soaps? OK i think I got all my thoughts out now. Love you love you love you!!