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February 06, 2016

Snow Ponies

February 06, 2016
I met these snow ponies by my work this week. They've been around, but I had some extra time whilst waiting to get up the snowy drive to the studio. Those top two are hippie horsies. Spot and Daisy (yes, I named them) sport some serious hair accessories - ahem a pinecone and some sticks. Anyway, Spot will eat both of your lunch apples so maybe portion out some slices before hand if you ever find yourself in Heber... Imagine me, realizing what was happening, trying to take bites of the second apple and throwing them out to the other ponies. It got a little feisty there.

Sidenote. PSA. Speaking of snow ponies... Can we all recognize that Julianne Hough is a goddess who should be praised until the end of time? (Courtesy of Grease, not so live for me). Also Vanessa sports a great red lip. That is all.

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