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November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving (2014!) Video

November 29, 2015
Happy Thanksgiving! I'm sad for it to be over... I had the best time in Kansas City visiting Coby, and then at home with my family in Park City. The sights! The stuffing! The snow! And seeing as though I somehow left my camera of said festivities at my aunt's house (for shame) I'm going to throw it back to last year... To Thanksgiving in Portland!
Portland-Thanksgiving-24 Portland-Thanksgiving-48
Portland-Thanksgiving-29Portland-Thanksgiving-59 Portland-Thanksgiving-61 Portland-Thanksgiving-81 Portland-Thanksgiving-190 Portland-Thanksgiving-142 Portland-Thanksgiving-204 Portland-Thanksgiving-208 Portland-Thanksgiving-321 Portland-Thanksgiving-270 Portland-Thanksgiving-278 Portland-Thanksgiving-326 Portland-Thanksgiving-334 Portland-Thanksgiving-374 Portland-Thanksgiving-367 Portland-Thanksgiving-378

I liked how this video turned out, so I went ahead and did the same to all the pictures I took here! I made it a little while ago, so it's fun to see it again. It sure makes me a lot more grateful this season: grateful for love, cuddling, airplanes, family, cute nieces and a cute nephew, a warm coat, jobs, an education, blankets, cafe rio, etcetera. Grateful for good people in this world and for forgiveness to do and become better. Happy Thanksgiving indeed.

And as always, be sure to watch in HD!

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