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July 29, 2015

San Francisco

July 29, 2015
Last month Coby and I took a trip to San Francisco for his birthday! I've been meaning to write and get through the gazillion photos I took (where is the time?), but I'll leave you with these little bits for now. ONE bike the Golden Gate Bridge. And try not to loose your hat in the process (ha!). Holy amazing was it beautiful and windy. Make sure to stop by Trader Joe's every morning and find a hot tub to unwind in every night. And kiss your boyfriend a lot for taking you along :).

(If you're now suddenly feeling the urge to pick up and move to SF, feel free to live vicariously through my bff Bailey & internet friend Kayla. Oh, and my could've been friend but was too shy and too new to graphic design to ask friend, Kirsten.)

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  1. this beach looks amazing. I want to go here!

    (and now I know why my blog has been getting random traffic - too bad I can't keep it updated for the life of me!)