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March 29, 2015

Churros & Cherry Blossoms

March 29, 2015
Coby and I have been taking some nice evening walks lately, even if they have ended in churros, Sodalicious, Olive Garden, etc... But we've seen the last of the snow and these springtime nights are the best testament of that. 

I feel like I'm kind of living life in slow motion. I want to soak in everything I have going for me right now. And also I've been sleeping in (like way in) on the weekends, which might have something to do with it... But! I have beautiful, wonderful roommates! And some pretty cool professors that I learn so much from all the time! And the best internship/job! And Spring! And Cob letting me fall asleep when he wants to show me Wrestlemania videos! And taking me out to eat! And being so cute! And the window in my room! And the unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! And that I currently have no semblance of any presentable shoes! And that I'm actually doing really well! In light of graduation coming right around the corner, these are all great things for me to be thinking of. Nothing will ever, really be the same again. And that doesn't have to be a bad thing! But right now it can definitely be a sad thing.

On a completely different, but maybe more Sunday appropriate, note... I live pretty close to the Provo Tabernacle (turned temple!) and have loved seeing it through all of the stages of construction. After looking into it more today I found this little gem that moved me. "...the project was especially significant considering the fire that almost completely destroyed the tabernacle, a building that had stood for almost 125 years. 'This is a beautiful rebirth,' he said. 'From extreme adversity, the old tabernacle is being reborn to a higher purpose. There is symbolism there for all of us. You go through difficult times, even tragedy, and you can come back better and stronger than ever.'" YES! Isn't that so true? And something you hear time and time again, but even the hundredth time it still relays something pretty impactful. Spring! Amirite?

Coming to a close here, but It's been a while since I've like, loved a new song. Enter Børns.

I'll let him (and his beautiful, female, harmonizing friend) see you out.


  1. you are going to save my music deprived life. i've been at a loss at where to begin with what i've missed and you totally came to the rescue just now. THANK YOU! also, your blog is looking so beautiful!

  2. TEACH ME YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY WAYS. But really. Lets go shoot together. and be friends.

    I love the way you write & the fact that you talk about your life in a way that makes me want to change my perspective on everything in my own life. Life is hella good and I need to more often.

    1. Yes let's do it! And I try. If only you saw me last night, in the tub for like two hours feeling anything but. Haha. It happens, right?