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July 29, 2014

Summer Silence

July 29, 2014
A little break in the silence. I've been without internet for the last month or so, and it won't be back until next week (google fiber, holla!) so once it is up and running the pictures will be hittin' full force! For now, here are some more of my favorite little dude. These feel especially sweet seeing as though we've had quite a few scares with baby Blaine this last month.

I'm actually back from our Hawaiian family vacay, and I was able to snuggle him on my chest for a good hour before catching my flight. I couldn't help from giving his blonde fuzz incessant little fish kisses. Dreamland I tell ya. So yes, there was sand and babies and my favorite little girls... And now my burnt scalp is peeling as I sit back at this dreary work desk going through some major withdrawals. Especially when I see stuff like this still happening over on the North Shore without me.

After a very long travel back (think sent back flight after two hours out and reloading planes and almost missed connection and oh wait! the front runner doesn't run on Sunday-most-expensive-cab-of-my-life) I came home to swollen kankles? I don't even know. But it's been pretty and rainy so I'm almost okay with it.

My other summer adventures include sports camping and hiking and napping. Probably too much napping. I was, however, on a softball intramural team! We weren't very good, but I did have a few killer hits and catches and it felt so insanely good to play again. I also hiked Squaw Peak. Complete with snake, deer, and druggie encounters before making it to the tippity top. And I can't forget! I hit a deer. A poor mamma deer. It was actually a pretty traumatic experience for me. I lost it. Soooo that about sums up my month. But! Only twenty more days till I see Coby! Lots of snapchats of New York bagels and pizza and plenty of sappy phone calls later... And then I won't be stupidly hiking alone anymore.


  1. Anonymous29.7.14

    A month without internet. I'm not sure I could survive! Super cute picture and great blog. - Stephanie

  2. I love the precious baby pictures! I got to spend some time with a little baby earlier this month and it was so special!

    I can't imagine a month without internet. I would definitely be inviting myself to people's houses to use their internet!

  3. those pictures are adorable :)

  4. What beautiful images! And sometimes taking little breaks from the Internet, even if not on purpose, can be good.
    xo TJ