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April 24, 2014

What Does the Sushi Say to the Bee?

April 24, 2014
Wassaabiii! Get it? Like what's up bee? Only its wasabi? That's my go to joke I tell when I need to feel like I'm successfully entertaining people. And by people I specifically mean thirteen year old sports campers who don't really even know what wasabi is. Or I guess in this case the the more refined blogger audience? And even then I'm almost certain I've pawned this joke off of Bailey. How's that for an ice breaker? Anyway, here's another iPhone dump. And here are my most favorite moments from the last little while.

+ That book there features my first round of annotations from probably the best essay I've written in my college career. It was on Christina Rossetti's poem An Apple Gathering. Her life is a fascinating one.

+ See that plush kitty up there with Coby? My kitty craving has been in full force lately seeing as though Jen Gotch has been taking over my instagram top spot with her new kittens. Hi yes four insta-kitties plz!

+ There is also the black eye that beautifully graced Coby's face for a good week or so a la soccer. He looked all sorts of 80's goth punk and it totally worked for him. I was almost sad to see it go. Almost.

+ Pre 80's goth punk guy and I hit some balls at Timpview just because. And if you haven't noticed by now I'm kind of in love with Spring, duh! It's pretty pathetic how bad I was, especially considering the years I spent playing in 115 degree Arizonan softball tournaments. All for not!

+ You know that arcade at the front of the dollar theater? Coby and I spent more time there than necessary one night, especially when you consider that we didn't actually play any games but just took pictures like we were back in junior high. What you didn't do that? My glory years, truly. Go Sabercats!

+ The little girls imaginations are just top notch as of late. I am always amazed by how much they learn every time I see them. Here, in the Cindererllie dresses, they led me out to that hole Violet has her hand in while McKenely explained that a little mouse was down there and wanted to come out and play for cheese! Later that day we were having a full blown tea party in Violets room when she suddenly transformed into Doctor Violet, administering potions in our tea for our respective illnesses. "But don't worry," she said, "Brielle isn't sick because her head told me so, she's just hungry for chicken". Violet even has an imaginary friend, but its not your typical imaginary friend. It's Blossomund the racing kitten! Not to be confused with her toy kitty Puff Puff Muffin though... Blossomund is about as big as your hand and "Oh! Off she goes Mamma! She's a racin!"And oh baby Dolly. I can't get enough of her.

Tha' end.

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  1. LOL. I love that joke, very cute! Great photos (is this via instagram?) your girls are so adorable! Hurrah for recreating your glory years ;)

    Lovely blog :)