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February 10, 2014

Winter and Spin Class and Such

February 10, 2014
Compared to other compilations, this one is pretty drab as far as color goes. Life stuck inside gets real old real fast. I'm ready for a change in the weather. Something! Anything! I did venture out to Park City one day. It was snowing and white and clean and beautiful and it made me want to love winter a little more.

My spin instructor this time around is pretty interesting. At first I didn't like her all that much. Actually not much at all. I wasn't responding well to her workouts or the fact that she continually breathed really heavily into her microphone. Or that she randomly sang along to the music, out of breath and off pitch mind you. But then she began posing all of these really absurd, end all, imaginary situations at critical (aka killer) times in the session. Like, if you don't push harder to get to the end of the mountain your secret lover won't wait for you anymore and you will be left with only their golden hair as a memory! And, your parachute is catching up to your slow little legs and will choke you if you don't yolk. them. up! Or, the very best, save your beautifully tanned child from falling into the Italian Ocean! The Italian Ocean? Really? So yes, through the hideous and breathless laughter she has become my favorite.

Other highlights of my academic life include the random student passing by my photo class, who decided to slide his face along the window. And the sweetest science professor who wears baseball caps and cardigans to class. Who also makes it a point to play the Beatles. Bless his genius, science-y heart.

favorite song of the
week goes to... this one!


  1. fun pictures! thats cool you do a spin class! i have been wanting to try one of those!

  2. You are just too gorgeous.

  3. your pictures are the cutest! & your spin-instructor story made me laugh out loud. do those insane stories motivate you to go faster is what im wondering? my thursday spin teacher gets out of her bike and will walk around and yell at individuals & crank their resistance up! the worst.

    1. i think they just make me laugh too hard to myself, who really knows what motivates me. i would DIE if someone came over to crank my resistance up! although it is pretty funny to me when everyone's resistance is up making it look like we are all riding in slow motion.

  4. but seriously, the b&w photo of you and Cobes. total babes & bliss & perfect for each other

  5. that two little girls are so cute