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January 01, 2014

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January 01, 2014
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Hip Hip! We made it! This has been the best year. Truly. The best!
I've been extremely blessed in my life, I do lead a pretty charmed one.

Last year's goal was to be positive. I can't say that I was perfect by any means, but I definitely saw a change in myself as I made the effort. I've become a happier, more level headed person. Go me. Of course this is mostly in thanks to the wonderful and patient people around me. Especially those who feed me. And snuggle me. And call me out on my shiz. So thank you thank you.

As for this year? I hope to not make excuses. This covers a lot of different areas, but points of interest include: really diving into graphic design, becoming as outgoing and helpful as I can, and learning how to better use my camera. I got a head start by playing around with the shutter speed during fireworks last night. Which in turn, almost got me killed by fire shot straight to my soul (okay or rather to my head, but whateveritsfineiguessillforgiveyouchantel).

Whew, this is going to be a great one. New Years song, take us out!


  1. Love you and love this post! Have a happy and blessed new year! Mom

  2. such fun pictures! what a great goal. this year i'm working on consistency. hopefully i can do it. and i love beach house! happy new year cute girl!

  3. Not to make excuses....what a good resolution to have moving into the new year! Hope it's the best one yet.

  4. these photos are so lovely!