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January 03, 2012

In Case You Cared...

January 03, 2012
new years resolutions, so 2011 amirite?  that's what i thought too...  but...  after finding my parents snuggled on the couch and squishing myself between them {how i do *brushes shoulders off*} i proclaimed a bit prematurely that "i'm going to set some new years resolutions and own the world".  cheers for me followed and we went on to talk about how i'm the favorite child {what's good *still brushes shoulders off*}.

finally i tore away with a "guys, this is resolution stuff is serious business" and set off for the kitchen table with my newly dubbed resolution sheet.  then i wrote "la di da" and "yadda yadda yadda" on said sheet.  you think i'm kidding.  but i honest to goodness did.  and then i doodled and wrote my name in cursive a lot.  okay i'm kidding about that one, i didn't write my real name,  at least not yet, but my future name.  natalie carlino.  okay so that's a lie too.  I NEVER WROTE MY NAME ANYWHERE ON THAT PAPER.  i guess what i'm getting at is that i was in no place to be writing new years resolutions.  i shamefully walked back to my parents and we finished talking about how i'm the favorite child.  okay so that's a lie too.  we really talked about my sisters old boyfriend kenny.  kenny, are you out there??

it's not that i have had any trouble making goals in the past.  in fact, i have a history of making them weekly.  i would write a daily schedule, reminders of things to be doing throughout the week, work out plans, study plans, all sorts of plans.  but then all too often i would be waking up the next day saying "screw it" and call my mom to remind her that i am her favorite child, just in case she decided to choose breck or something pfft.

but last night as i lay in bed thinking of the upcoming events this year has to offer, and then making those plans in my head, and then reasoning with myself, and then thinking "screw it", and then reasoning some more, and then making more to-do lists, this vicious cycle clearly became a projection of my failures in the past!  ding ding ding!  it's all a mind game for me!  without going into further analysis...

that's why, after much deliberation, my new years resolution for twenty-twelve is...


yippee-ki-yay!  my only other resolution that doesn't happen to fall under that umbrella is to never miss a class this semester.  because let's face it, that's not positive at all {besides that whole learning part}.  unless of course there is an emergency.  and yes, a hankering for frozen yogurt is indeed an emergency {rachel! lindsay!}.  oh and to secure my lead as the favorite child.  i'll be honest though, clark is in a close second...

on another note, i feel super sassy.  sorry that this post sorta reflects that.

positivity!  who's with me?!

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