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November 04, 2009


November 04, 2009
So this is how I'm feeling right now.
I need to run in the mornings, and not eat.  I just can't get the strength to run again.  I just get so frustrated, so discouraged. Why can't I have my old body again?  Why can't I be blessed with a super fast metabolism?  Why?
Yay for today being the last volleyball practice!  I think I'm crying right now.  But really, I'm going to miss all my seniors!  Yay for dinner at nikki's, (kinda).
Yay for the Harvest Dance! Yesssss.
The exact text I sent Kimee two seconds ago:
You. Me. Harvest dance. Off the chain.
It really is though.  Every year, Kim n' I go incredibly crazy. Well, Kimee goes insane. I love it.
Love nat.

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